Our Services

Dr. Nxumalo is a marriage and family counselor without borders. She addresses dynamics impacting healthy and mutually fulfilling relationships at both pre-and post-marital levels. The undergirding philosophy driving therapy is: “Marriage Destined to Thrive but Left to Die!” She counsels both couples and as well as singles preparing for marriage. Dr. Nxumalo has prepared over 25 modules on marriage and family dynamics.

Topics in her relationship series include but not limited to:
  • “Value of Customer-Care in the Context of Family Dynamics!” (couples & singles)
  • “Is Marriage Still Relevant in today’s Society?” (Couples & singles)
  • “Spiritual Intimacy/Pillow Talk!” (couples only)
  • “Climbing to Love Over Falling-in-love!” (singles specific)
  • “Dealing with Interpersonal Conflict Part I & II“ (couples specific)
  • “Dealing with Loss & Grief –The Pathology of Grief vs. Healthy Grieving!” (mixed)
  • “Christ-Centered-Marriage: A Mistry of Tripartite Submission!” (couples & singles)
  • “Pornography-Onslaught: Impact on Society, Church & Marriage!”(couples specific)
  • “The Demons of Youth & Impact on Productivity, Health & Future!” (youth specific)